As countries across the globe wake up to the potential of wind power, business is booming for organisations operating within the wind energy sector.

Most businesses know that intellectual property (IP) is important; but many are not really sure how to make the most of it. Yet a comprehensive IP strategy affects just about every aspect of a company’s day-to-day business.

Many businesses are confused by the diverse offerings of cloud computing. However, for next generation EDI, the ‘managed cloud’ is a simple notion, as Steve Rees explains.

Alan Braithwaite, chairman of LCP Consulting and visiting professor at Cranfield, outlines what challenges he foresees within operations management for the coming decade.

Sumir Karayi, CEO of IT efficiency specialist 1E, discusses the ways in which businesses can reach a greater level of IT efficiency.

Businesses in the US and the UK are paralyzed by a lack of self-confidence, says Stephen Archer. Processes and systems do not create wealth. Only organic growth through entrepreneurial innovation can do that.

George F. Brown, Jr, CEO and cofounder of strategy consulting firm Blue Canyon Partners, shares his research on the challenges executives experience in implementing business model changes.

Companies aiming to maximize the potential of social media need to think carefully about integrating the three pillars of people, process and technology, says Michael Brito.

Marcy Phelps offers some key research resources for learning about your customers and competitors.

As a business leader, you can’t always get all your employees’ input on big-time decisions. Often, you have to make a decision quickly or risk losing the opportunity altogether. Michael Feuer offers advice on how to make profitable mind-to-market decisions without getting sidetracked by consensus overload.

Improving working capital has become a focus for every CFO and is crucial to business growth and profitability, says David Taylor. Yet current strategies often fail to recognize the role accounts receivable can play in reducing the cost of working capital, while also having a positive impact on customer relationships and even the wider economy.

In today’s tough economy, small business owners are faced with the difficult task of doing much more with a lot less. Ed Hess reminds them that even though they might be making cuts to their prices and budgets, now is not the time to start cutting great customer service out of their business plans.

Leading in business is never easy, but if you do it with your head down, blocking out input from employees, you’re making a huge mistake. OfficeMax Founder and former CEO Michael Feuer explains that when you miss out on employee input, you miss out on big-time innovation.

Paul Docherty, CEO and founder of i-nexus, outlines the multiple benefits of introducing business execution software.

With more people going online using mobile devices, the PC is no longer the default mode of web access. As Boris Kraft of Magnolia CMS explains, this demands a significant attitude shift for any business running a website.

Andrew Kinder of Infor explains everything you ever wanted to know about ERP but were too afraid to ask.

For years, science fiction has proposed driverless transportation—but now it’s possible to see what such a system might look like, as Alan Swaby discovers.

For many business leaders, managing the maintenance, repair & operations (MRO) supply chain has not always come top of the list of priorities. But to neglect it can cause major problems for a company’s ERP system in the long-term.

These days, the task of energy procurement is becoming increasingly critical as users struggle against relentlessly rising costs. Adrian Newton, event director of Energy Solutions, discusses ways in which to tackle the challenge head-on.

Neil Morris, head of strategic planning at Yorkshire Building Society, explains how adopting a robust approach to strategic planning and M&A activity has enabled the mutual organisation to grow and prosper following the recent financial crisis.

David Falzani, CEO of business consultancy Polaris Associates and president of the Sainsbury Management Fellowship, says engineers need to get a taste for marketing.

Acquisition strategy must evolve dramatically for the markets and the competition of the 21st century, say David G. Hartman and George F. Brown, Jr.

Today’s enterprise application forecast: cloudy with a chance of transformation. Rob Prinzo is the weatherman.

Service recovery means doing whatever it takes to solve a customer’s problem—and doing it quickly, says John Tschohl.