Rocco Magno offers his thoughts and advice to UK companies on how to manage their international payments and minimise risk during a volatile European Market.

One way of enhancing your business in 2012 is to hire a consultant—but you need to shop around, as Huw Hilditch-Roberts, director in charge at the Institute of Consulting, explains.

Richard Schooling, chief executive of multi-marque car leasing and fleet management company Alphabet, explains how companies can leverage innovation to fuel the supply chain.

There are five key areas organisations must address to ensure sustainability is at the heart of their business, says Jean Cox-Kearns, director of Compliance for Dell Global Take Back.

Unnecessary complexity is costing the world’s businesses billions, say the authors of a recent global study on the topic—but fortunately, there are a number of ways to re-acquaint yourself with simplicity.

Ben Dhesi, head of energy management at Pulse Commercial Utilities, a leading commercial energy brokers for UK businesses, looks at recent developments in the energy sector and discusses what this could mean for UK energy prices in the future.

An increasing number of organisations are switching on to substantial further productivity improvements which can be achieved through the introduction of supply chain workforce management systems.

John Pymer, managing director of Certification International, explains the business benefits of achieving an internationally recognised environmental quality standard.

What is the silent killer of American entrepreneurs, and what does DNA have to do with it? Joe Abraham explains.

If you are serious about building a customer-facing culture, to make it effective you must involve every department in your company, says George F. Brown, Jr.

Thomas R. Cutler makes the case for electric hand trucks, which pay for themselves in saving lost work time and compensation claims.

Companies expect a significant rise in commodity prices and offshore labor rates, while more than 60 percent say they cannot successfully mitigate inflation.

To expand into global markets, you must develop your competitive edge to create the differences that make all the difference, says Mona Pearl.

Scott Morrison, chief technology officer and chief architect of Layer 7 Technologies, outlines the steps companies should take to ensure the success of their cloud initiatives.

Trading globally is not just for the big multinationals, says Linda Kozlowski, director of Global Marketing and Customer Experienceat Alibaba.com.

Roman Bukary of NetSuite Inc outlines the benefits and advantages offered by the modern supply web.

A surprising number of businesses have yet to define clear targets for reducing their carbon emissions. Hugh Jones, managing director of the Carbon Trust Advisory Services, explains why the time has come to take action.

Andy Hutt, CEO of triOpsis, looks at the need for visibility in industries that rely on physical assets and the steps that can be taken to avoid failures.

Troy Parfitt offers some home truths about doing business in China, among which is the warning that “win-win” is a western concept, not a Chinese one. Preconceptions can be shockingly wrong.

Greg Crabtree shares his ideas on how to simplify the overcomplicated US tax system, for the benefit of entrepreneurs and the economy as a whole.

The 2011 Carbon Disclosure Project Global 500 report demonstrates that the world’s largest companies are seeing a link between energy efficiency and profitability.

Vision-guided robotic trucks are a better solution than expensive automated guided vehicle systems (AGVs), says Thomas R. Cutler, especially when you don’t need all the bells and whistles.

Shelly Sun offers five reasons why NOW is the right time to expand your business through franchising.

Traditional valuation techniques generally ignore one important factor in their calculation—the buyer. Chris Blees offers his insights into how to position your company for maximum exit value.