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Veteran oil and gas magnate Sir Ian Wood has praised the British government for being firmly behind his proposed new regulator, and says the Treasury is finally focusing on recovery

Alexander Comley has signed a partnership agreement with Hydra Offshore, an indigenous oilfield services company, in developing products for Ghana’s oil sector

Russia and China have signed a major multi-billion dollar gas deal that has been ten years in the making

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The Paris Climate Agreement of 2016 represented a commitment by nearly 200 countries across the world to lower their carbon emissions starting in 2020. Achieving the carbon reductions these countries committed to will be a significant challenge - either they will have to reduce their overall energy requirements or deliver the same overall levels of energy using cleaner methods.

With a long history of service Oando Gas and Power Limited (OG&P) has emerged as Nigeria's leading private sector developer of gas to both commercial and private consumers

Intertek, a leading quality solutions provider to industries worldwide, is providing essential quality, safety, compliance and performance monitoring as part of the growing range of services it offers to clients in Africa

LGO’s Goudron field in Trinidad is a textbook case of a company-making oil project that has moved to production within two years and promises to be the springboard for sound growth

As the main source of energy for Trinidad and Tobago as well as its principal foreign exchange earner Petrotrin is investing strategically in upping its offshore and onshore resources of crude

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Neil Ritson, CEO of Leni Gas and Oil discusses why Social media is overrated and why life is too short for bad wine.

Cyprus is on the threshold of economic and social change as it contemplates large scale gas discoveries in its waters: we asked Yiorgos Lakkotrypis, Minister of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism how the discovery will change CyprusÔÇÖs role in the eastern Mediterranean

Chief executive of Oil &Gas UK, Malcolm Webb, discusses the evolution of association, how it aims to strengthen the long-term health of the offshore oil and gas industry, and what the immediate future holds for its members

Having been looked at from all sides, the case for shale gas extraction has become irresistible to the countries fortunate enough to have it

Can China overcome its geology and infrastructure problems to become the dominant force in natural gas? And can other economies benefit from the opportunities this might create?