Has the recession released its death grip? Dr. Ivan Misner thinks it has, and offers some survey evidence to support his view, along with a few personal accounts of innovative survival strategies.

Stephen Archer, business analyst and director of Spring Partnerships, outlines his economic and business predictions for 2011.

By controlling the use of IT resources through strong information management and clear user guidelines, organisations can attain a far more robust, less expensive and more sustainable IT infrastructure.

Lessons from the front line: ensuring the maximum return on ERP investment decisions. By Mike Stanbridge, Infor.

Nick Jones, managing director of Nexus Collections, discusses the importance of fair trade and suggests what you should look for in a fair trade supplier.

The global events industry is promoting the three elements of sustainability: environmental, social and financial.

Giles Wake from ACT Conferencing looks at how businesses can take advantage of video messaging and conference calls to help achieve the right work-life balance.

Neglecting to ensure that electronic equipment is thoroughly tested before purchase can cost businesses time and money—not to mention the disastrous consequences of an unforeseen failure. Daryl Cornelius, director Enterprise EMEA, Spirent Communications, asks if your request for pricing is fit for purpose.

Businesses can protect their reputation and boost their chances of survival by tightening up the supply chain, as John Kinge, head of Risk at Exor Management Services (EMS), explains.

Where do you fit in your supply chain? How fit are you to meet the purchase decision drivers of your target customers? The success stories will emerge from the firms that match their company’s competencies with the factors that drive competitive success in those markets, says George F. Brown, Jr.

By John W. Little, principal, Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP
Ryan Foughty, senior manager, Deloitte & Touche LLP
Sachin Adhikari, senior manager, Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP

George Magnus argues that the financial crisis in the West has thrown down the gauntlet of structural reform for emerging markets. The prospects for the global economy, he says, depend not so much on mechanical extrapolations of GDP, than on good politics and robust legal and social institutions.

Jeff Garr, CEO and Frank Zych, director of HR Services, HR Knowledge, Inc, suggest ten reasons companies are struggling with staffing issues in the current economy.

If you treat your customers as your friends and help them grow their business, you will benefit from their success, says George F. Brown Jr.

Bob O’Hara describes how the role of the CFO has changed from day-to-day management into that of a strategic thinker, shaping company value and exit plan strategy.

Which way should you go when you arrive at a technology crossroads? Thomas R. Cutler highlights the experience of a few companies in the food industry.

Connecting the people, processes and knowledge of an organisation is a challenge common to many small to medium sized businesses (SMBs). Jamie Stewart, UK managing director of Exact, takes a closer look at how collaboration systems are revolutionising the way SMBs manage data across their organisations.

As a co-author of a new book entitled Vested Outsourcing, Kate Vitasek outlines the 10 key ailments that commonly afflict outsourced partnerships and presents five golden rules for success.

Effective and dedicated sales and operations planning (S&OP) is a crucial aspect of any successful business. Andrew Kinder of Infor examines how the right S&OP system can deliver healthier financial results and help de-risk the supply chain.

David Gladding, senior global director of sales at ACT Conferencing, explains why, as we slowly emerge from recession, technology can help contribute to business as well as environmental sustainability.

To achieve change and to thrive in today’s marketplace requires maximizing employee engagement more than ever before. It’s a matter of survival, says Richard Axelrod.

Thomas R. Cutler explains the benefits of automated overall equipment effectiveness data in a lean manufacturing environment.

The traditional once-a-year budget is quickly falling by the wayside as a key management tool. Rolling financial forecasting can take the ambiguity out of the budget planning process, says Jason Webster.

Martin Ashcroft reports on a first-of-its-kind economic study detailing the bottom-line benefits of Everglades restoration, including a rise in job creation, real estate values and water quality.