The 10 types of boss youÔÇÖve definitely worked for

The 24/7 boss
This boss puts everything into their job and is constantly looking to take one for the team. They have no concept of the word ‘holiday’ and are in regardless of the weather, or even their own health. Of course, they expect you to meet the same high standards, so forget about trying to leave early to catch your dentist appointment.

The leachy boss
The leachy boss is not to be confused with the nice boss. They are smarmy and get a little too close for comfort. Being friends with the boss can have its benefits, but it is important to keep your relationship professional. If your boss does not understand the concept of personal space, then you must definitely say something, as it could harm your career and spark office rumours.

The David Brent boss
David Brent is the type of boss that wants to be a friend and mentor to those who work for him. He imagines his workers find him very funny and enjoy his company, while still respecting him and looking up to him as a boss. However, the reality is that his employees generally find him annoying, frustrating, offensive and a bit of a laughing stock.

The barely there boss
The barely there boss tends to lose focus, and their employees have no clear direction of where the business is heading. When the barely there boss does show their face they always hog the credit for the work everyone else has done, before disappearing into the distance for another month of ‘meetings’ or ‘working from home.’ 

The stresser
The situation is completely under control, but the stresser boss is always running around like a headless chicken. They’re the first to panic when something goes wrong, and like to stress instead of thinking about solutions. Everyone in the office agrees the place would definitely be a much calmer place without them.

The grumpy boss
The grumpy boss is never satisfied. They’re constantly leaning over your shoulder commenting on everything that you do. Your lunch breaks are always too long and nothing is ever right. Grumpy bosses will never do your confidence any good, but it is important to stick at it, as often they will have silent praise. After all, if they didn’t want you there they would have given you your P45 a long time ago.

The tell all boss
The tell all boss has the biggest mouth of them all. Chances are they don’t get to speak to anyone before coming into the office, and so their lowly employees are the only opportunity they get to voice their opinions. From moaning about the road rage they ran into on their commute to the sordid details of their divorce, this type of boss has no boundaries when it comes to spilling the latest details of their life around the workplace. 

The Jekyll and Hyde boss
This is the boss whose style of management depends on their mood. If they come in with a face like thunder, chances are you should lie low, and if you don’t, prepare to have your head bitten off. When it’s good, it’s good but when it’s bad this type of boss can get ugly, and the whole office is forced to walk around on egg shells.

The Dictator
This type of boss is a totalitarian who rules by fear, using terror as a weapon to motivate employees, often using the threat of unemployment like a whip. They will shout at their employees for whatever reason and will give no one but themselves respect.

The nice boss
Last but not least, the rarest of them all, is the nice boss. This boss will give praise where praise is due, and is always willing to muck in. They know where to draw the line when authority is needed, but don’t mind getting their hands dirty and helping out the team. They’re firm but fair and are respected by everyone in the office.