As the world unites to fight and manage the challenges presented by the global Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic, a number of companies across the globe are doing their bit to protect staff, engage local community, educate customers and directly contribute to fight against the virus

And in line with this BE brings you a small list of what some of the biggest brands are doing

Archaeologists have shown that Ecuador’s capital Quito has a history which extends back over 5,000 years, making it one of the oldest cities in the world. This is at least in part due to the city’s famous geography: at an altitude of 2,850 metres above sea level, defenders of the city were able to see enemies coming a few hours in advance. These days, it just means the views are spectacular.

Metro de Santo Domingo: Un transformador cumple 10 años

El Metro de Santo Domingo, el sistema de metro más extenso de la región de America Central, cumple 10 años en 2019. Durante este tiempo, el metro ha transportado más de 500 millones de pasajeros en la ciudad, y cada año muestra un crecimiento significativo. Vale destacar que, diez años después de su apertura, un boleto de metro cuesta lo mismo que el día en que se abrió: RD$ 20 (cuarenta centavos de dólar estadounidense).




Mina Cobre Las Cruces: Leading Spain’s Mining Turnaround




The Turkish construction industry has emerged as a global powerhouse, transforming skylines and infrastructure across continents. From its humble beginnings to becoming one of the world's leading construction hubs, the industry’s growth and expansion story is a testament to strategic government policies, landmark projects, and the prowess of major players. This documentary-style feature delves into the history, growth, and global impact of Turkey's construction sector, highlighting key milestones and significant projects.


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STROC INDUSTRIE: Your Partner in Mining Engineering and Construction

Founded in 1989, STROC INDUSTRIE has established itself as a beacon of construction engineering in Morocco and Africa for over 35 years. Listed on the Casablanca Stock Exchange since 2011, STROC has exemplified transparency and resilience in its operations. Specializing in EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction) projects, the company operates in three key sectors: Oil & Gas, Mining & Cement, and Chemical & Industrial Building and Civil Works.



Mining Sector Expertise

STROC INDUSTRIE has garnered a formidable reputation for its proficiency in constructing and maintaining mining installations. The company’s expertise encompasses the engineering manufacturing, installation, and maintenance of vital industrial components necessary for mining operations. These include belt conveyors, hoppers, silos, storage machines, screening stations, grinding stations, and handling machines. STROC’s comprehensive services cater to various sectors, including phosphate, iron, gold, and copper mines, fertilizers, energy, cement, construction materials, agro-industry, and port terminals. The company offers both new construction and repair and maintenance services.



STROC INDUSTRIE’s services include:

  • Engineering and Studies: Basic and detailed engineering.
  • Project Management: Comprehensive project management, coordination, and supply management.
  • Boilermaking: Manufacturing of atmospheric tanks, hoppers, cyclones, mixers, and pressure vessels.
  • Metal Structures: Structures for all types of buildings and equipment.
  • Piping: Connection of complex mechanical systems.
  • Civil Engineering: Construction of silos, tanks, and industrial buildings.
  • Industrial Assembly: Assembly of various equipment and industrial units.
  • Maintenance: Proximity maintenance, rapid interventions, and preventive maintenance contracts.


Collaborations with OCP Khouribga Mine

STROC INDUSTRIE has been pivotal in several major projects with OCP (Office Chérifien des Phosphates) Khouribga Mine. Their partnership has resulted in the successful completion of multiple large-scale EPC projects, enhancing the mine's operational efficiency and productivity.

  1. Phosphate Handling Circuit:
    • Objective: Optimize transportation and handling of phosphates.
    • Scope: Engineering, procurement, construction, and maintenance of conveyors, silos, and supporting infrastructure.
    • Impact: Improved logistical efficiency, reduced costs, and increased productivity.

  2. Phosphate Processing Plants:
    • Objective: Modernize and increase processing capacity.
    • Scope: Design, manufacture, installation, and commissioning of new equipment and modernization of existing infrastructure.
    • Impact: Enhanced production capacity and product quality.
  3. Storage and Transport Facilities:
    • Objective: Improve storage and transport for phosphate-derived products.
    • Scope: Construction of storage tanks.
    • Impact: Strengthened logistical capacity and optimized export operations.

  4. Construction of Storage Depots:
    • Objective: Provide secure storage facilities.
    • Scope: Design and construction of depots with safety and surveillance systems.
    • Impact: Increased storage capacity and efficient stock management.


Innovative Technologies

STROC INDUSTRIE has embraced innovation to boost efficiency, safety, and productivity. Key advancements include their modernized and automated steel structure manufacturing line, featuring robotic welding, CNC machines, and automated assembly lines. These technologies have improved precision, reduced production times, and increased safety by minimizing manual handling of heavy components.


Future Opportunities

STROC INDUSTRIE envisions significant growth opportunities by expanding into emerging markets in Africa. Their strategy includes forming local partnerships, offering customized solutions, and investing in research and development. Additionally, the company aims to integrate renewable energy solutions into mining operations, aligning with global sustainability goals.


Sustaining Competitive Edge

STROC INDUSTRIE maintains its competitive edge through strategic client partnerships, continuous innovation, operational excellence, and a commitment to sustainability and corporate responsibility. By offering end-to-end solutions and investing in talent development, STROC ensures high-quality service and market adaptability.

In conclusion, STROC INDUSTRIE’s proven track record, innovative technologies, and strategic approach position the company as a leading partner in the mining and construction sectors. Their commitment to excellence and sustainability ensures that they remain a reliable and forward-thinking partner for their clients.


4 rue des Tabors, quartier Oasis
20410 Casablanca

Tel: +212 522 991 570

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At Khouribga, one of the oldest phosphate mines in Morocco, the OCP Group is working overtime to ensure its operations are fit for purpose for the future and the environmental impact is lessened every year.


As the global population continues to expand, the demands on farming methods increase exponentially. Being able to maximize yield, the most efficient source is to use fertilizers to help enrich the nutrients in the soil.


Cummins Inc. stands as a global leader in power solutions, renowned for its comprehensive portfolio of engines, generators, and related services. With a significant presence across Africa, Cummins is committed to supporting the continent's rapid growth through innovative, reliable, and efficient power solutions. This profile delves into the key operations, advanced mining solutions, sustainability initiatives, technological innovations, community involvement, and market focus of Cummins Africa.


Key Operations

Regional Hubs and Facilities: