As the world unites to fight and manage the challenges presented by the global Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic, a number of companies across the globe are doing their bit to protect staff, engage local community, educate customers and directly contribute to fight against the virus

And in line with this BE brings you a small list of what some of the biggest brands are doing

Archaeologists have shown that Ecuador’s capital Quito has a history which extends back over 5,000 years, making it one of the oldest cities in the world. This is at least in part due to the city’s famous geography: at an altitude of 2,850 metres above sea level, defenders of the city were able to see enemies coming a few hours in advance. These days, it just means the views are spectacular.

Metro de Santo Domingo: Un transformador cumple 10 años

El Metro de Santo Domingo, el sistema de metro más extenso de la región de America Central, cumple 10 años en 2019. Durante este tiempo, el metro ha transportado más de 500 millones de pasajeros en la ciudad, y cada año muestra un crecimiento significativo. Vale destacar que, diez años después de su apertura, un boleto de metro cuesta lo mismo que el día en que se abrió: RD$ 20 (cuarenta centavos de dólar estadounidense).



Fernando Ruiz

Mina Cobre Las Cruces: Leading Spain’s Mining Turnaround


Fernando Ruiz

Sustainability is becoming an increasingly important issue in the mining sector across Africa, and Namibia is no exception. As a country with a rich history of mining and blessed with multiple extractive assets, it is important for mining operations to consider the long-term impact of their activities on the environment and local communities.

International security & Safety Systems Co.

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ISS has built a solid reputation in the field of security and safety throughout the Arab Republic of Egypt and the Middle East.
The ISS Group provides a comprehensive line of high-quality, UL-Listed, and FM-Approved fire fighting solutions. From application design to installation, service, and support.

ISS's extensive asset protection experience is clearly the best option. Furthermore, ISS is a one-stop shop for all of your loss prevention requirements, including locally manufactured UL-Listed Foam Concentrates, Extinguishing Systems, UL/FM Fire Pumps, and Fire Detection Systems.

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  • Address: 49 Abbass El Akkad St., Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt
  • Email:
  • Phone: +2 02 24017430 
  • Fax: +2 02 22627317 
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MD SERVICES Sarl is therefore specialized in:
a.     Recruitment, placement, and management of local and expatriate staff;
b.     Immigration outsourcing services and other relevant documents for expatriates;
c.     Supply of Personal Protective Equipment "PPE";
d.    Any other services relating to personnel management.


MD SERVICES Sarl has established itself as a major player, for many companies operating in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, especially in the mining, cement, construction, gas, logistics, and hydrocarbon sectors (upstream and downstream). With its range of clients, the company has developed a real relationship and lasting trust.

By way of illustration, MD SERVICES Sarl successfully supports major mining projects in the DRC, carried out by the large world-renowned firms such as the KIBALI GOLD MINE Project, one of the branches of the multinational BARRICK GOLD as well as TENKE FUNGURUME MINING project (TFM), the IVANHOE MINES project (Kamoa Project), and so on. 


MD SERVICES Sarl also continues to assist big companies like BOART LONGYEAR, OREZONE DRILLING and many others in their drilling work at all stages of mining projects as well as in other services related to mining activities.

For this year, MD SERVICES Sarl has set the following main objectives:

Attract and support the maximum possible number of investors in the DRC in general and in particular, those working in the mining sector, the reason for its attendance to multiple international conferences;

Expand its activities in other countries of the continent such as UGANDA, SOUTH AFRICA, MAURITIUS and the big island of MADAGASCAR to get open up to the world.

It is for such a reason that MD SERVICES Sarl, on the side-lines of the "Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada, PDAC 2020", an international mining conference that brings together all the major economic operators and decision-makers in this sector, has organized on the 4th of March 2020 at the Intercontinental Hotel in Toronto, a business meeting which gathered several mining operators of the world not only in a purpose to connect them to different business opportunities in The DRC, but to reassure them also about better support in Human Resources Management.

Through this occasion and for the first time in this context and for the proudness of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Mr. Didi MUDOGO, a Congolese operator and the Managing Director of MD SERVICES Sarl, has taken the initiative to raise the country's Flag very high by organizing a business lunch in order to discuss the available opportunities offered by the DRC, a country with a highly mining vocation. During that lunch meeting, several DRC officials and experts spoke on the subject, as well as BARRICK CEO, Dr. Mark BRISTOW, who emphasized the importance for multinationals to work with local entrepreneurs not only for their emergence, but also because no project can establish itself and prosper effectively in the host countries without the involvement of local entrepreneurs.

The vision that MD SERVICES Sarl sets itself is to bring together as much as possible all the major investors of the world and thus attract them more to come and invest their capital in The DRC in order to create more business opportunities for local entrepreneurs, the availability of employment for the Congolese people in order to contribute to the emergence of the DRC.


After Mining Indaba 2023 in Cape Town in South Africa, MD SERVICES Sarl is inviting you to Canada for DRC business breakfast that will take place at PDAC 2023 with a purpose to gathering mining operators, investors and companies from the different corners of the world.

on Tuesday 7th March 2023; from 7h30 to 9h30;
You will discover what the Democratic Republic of the Congo can offer to the attendees as  business 

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(+243) 826 180 702

602, 6th level, Building Future Tower Boulevard du 30 Juin,
Gombe Kinshasa/ DRC

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The Kibali goldmine in the Haut-Uélé province of the northeast Democratic Republic of Congo is no ordinary mine. With 812,152 ounces produced in 2021, the combined open pit and underground gold mine is officially the sixth biggest in the world. Now into its 13th year, the gold mine is still considered to have an enormous upside: In addition to an exploration prospect pipeline that continues to expand, its business plan seems set to continue for at least another 10 years. Business Excellence decided to take a closer look.