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A cidade de São Paulo, no sudeste do Brasil, não é apenas a maior cidade da América do Sul, mas também tem fama de ser uma das maiores cidades do mundo, por área e população. Com cerca de 22 milhões de pessoas populando a cidade em cada dia útil, e sua área cobrindo aproximadamente 8.000 quilômetros quadrados, é verdadeiramente uma megacidade moderna e o coração pulsante do Brasil.

The city of São Paulo in Brazil’s southeast is not only the largest city in South America by some distance, it can also claim to be one of the world’s biggest cities by area and population. With some 22 million people filling the city on an average weekday, and its area covering approximately 8,000 square kilometres, it is truly a modern megacity and the beating heart of Brazil.

Founded more than 55 years ago, Grupo ITM has developed in many specialist markets in Central America, Panamá and the Caribbean. Our leadership manufacturing quality steel structures for Electrical & Communication Companies is solid, as well as warehouses, bus stations, civil works and any other custom steel construction such as the huge and modern Panama Metro Stations project

In an industry as rigorously competitive as the gold production, Anaconda Mining Inc is a company of exploration that fundamentally strives for stability. The junior gold production company focuses its mergers and acquisitions target searches primarily on Canada and the United States, with a particular focus on Atlantic Canada.

Antigua and Barbuda is a top 20 destination, favoured by the wealthy: its economy was hit by the recessions but tourists are now returning, and China. which is helping it build a new terminal at V C Bird International Airport, may provide a major new source of Caribbean sun seekers

North American Nickel (NAN) made significant progress this summer towards defining and expanding its world class nickel-copper property at Maniitsoq

Pesco believes that different industries require customised solutions, products and services, a concept it has been delivering in Chile for more than 15 years and is now exporting

The Kvanefjeld Project of Greenland Minerals and Energy has been boosted by a new technical partnership and progress in both Greenland and Denmark towards regulation for radioactive materials

LGO’s Goudron field in Trinidad is a textbook case of a company-making oil project that has moved to production within two years and promises to be the springboard for sound growth

The world needs rare earths in quantities and Greenland needs inward investment, employment and the chance to trade in global markets while making use of its strategic position close to the transatlantic trade routes

According to international standards, The BANK of Greenland is a small bank. But in Greenland, the bank is unconditionally the largest bank. And if you want to operate in the Greenlandic mineral resources industry, the bank is without comparison the strongest local collaborator to help you with financing and assistance concerning day-to-day operations

An exciting gemstone project promises to be the first fruit of Greenland’s new mining era: we spoke to True North Gems’ enthusiastic President and CEO about building a new industry

Guatemala's energy network is undergoing a benevolent revolution that is bringing power to the Central American country's remote communities, transforming lives and catalysing business development

The resource that North American Nickel (NAN) expects to define this summer on its Greenland property could be a game changer not just for Greenland but for the countries that depend on this vital metal to develop their industries and infrastructure