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The Jamaica Public Service Company Ltd. (JPS), has been Jamaica’s primary energy company for over 90 years. In that time, it has expanded from a modest energy network with just a few thousand customers, to one capable of serving the country’s roughly 2.8 million residents. With a current customer base of just over 650,000 accounts, the company is the sole distributor of electricity in Jamaica and has a generating capacity of about 620 Megawatts (MW), provided by a combination of steam, gas turbines, combined cycle, diesel, windfarm and hydroelectric technologies. The Company also purchases electricity from four Independent Power Producers (IPPs).

The Port of Moin is strategically important for Costa Rica in a number of ways. First, around 80% of the country’s trade passes through the port each year; second, it servces as the entry point for thousands of seaborne visitors into the country; and finally, its surrounding area is home to some of Costa Rica’s flora and fauna, including a native species of turtle

The importance of mining to the economy of the Dominican Republic cannot be understated. Figures recently released by the consulting firm Analytica bear this out; over the past 8 years, mining has represented 17% of the country’s FDI (foreign direct investment), 36% of its exports, and 17% of its receipts from direct taxes owing to employment.

Canada’s abundant mineral resources have led to an economic surge over the past decade, with shale oil occupying most of the newspaper columns. However, its coal resources - coming to the fore again after recent legislation changes in the neighboring US - are also enormous. By some estimates, the Peace River and Kootenay coalfields alone are estimated to hold more than two billion tonnes of coal.

When most people think of a tropical island paradise, more often than not, the Bahamas is the location which springs to mind. The stunning shoreline of this island nation has been enchanting many of the world’s most high-profile individuals for decades. Famous Bahamas homeowners include Mariah Carey, Johnny Depp and even Bill Gates.

Chile’s huge mining industry has taken flight over the past 40 years,creating thousands of skilled jobs and huge export markets and generating one of the world’s economic success stories in the process. Currently, the country’s mining industry employs close to a quarter of a million people and Chile ranks as the number one copper miner in the world.

Depending on which version of history is to be believed, the small Central American republic of Panama takes its name from a word meaning ‘an abundance of fish,’ or ‘an abundance of trees.’ Whichever version is taken, what’s clear is that Panama from the earliest times has been a country rich in natural resources

A cidade de São Paulo, no sudeste do Brasil, não é apenas a maior cidade da América do Sul, mas também tem fama de ser uma das maiores cidades do mundo, por área e população. Com cerca de 22 milhões de pessoas populando a cidade em cada dia útil, e sua área cobrindo aproximadamente 8.000 quilômetros quadrados, é verdadeiramente uma megacidade moderna e o coração pulsante do Brasil.

The city of São Paulo in Brazil’s southeast is not only the largest city in South America by some distance, it can also claim to be one of the world’s biggest cities by area and population. With some 22 million people filling the city on an average weekday, and its area covering approximately 8,000 square kilometres, it is truly a modern megacity and the beating heart of Brazil.

Founded more than 55 years ago, Grupo ITM has developed in many specialist markets in Central America, Panamá and the Caribbean. Our leadership manufacturing quality steel structures for Electrical & Communication Companies is solid, as well as warehouses, bus stations, civil works and any other custom steel construction such as the huge and modern Panama Metro Stations project

The Brazilian state of Minas Gerais is not as well known internationally as Rio de Janeiro or São Paulo, but the state may be the most important for Brazilians. Not only is it Brazil’s largest state by territory - covering more area than mainland France - it is also a powerhouse of agriculture and industry, and home to several of Brazil’s most important companies.


One such company is the energy firm, Cemig. With its headquarters in Belo Horizonte, the capital of Minas Gerais, it is responsible for around 12% of the electricity produced on the Brazilian national grid. As of 2018, it has over 50 power plants - most of them hydroelectric - and owns around 6,000 MW of generation capacity. 

In an industry as rigorously competitive as the gold production, Anaconda Mining Inc is a company of exploration that fundamentally strives for stability. The junior gold production company focuses its mergers and acquisitions target searches primarily on Canada and the United States, with a particular focus on Atlantic Canada.

Antigua and Barbuda is a top 20 destination, favoured by the wealthy: its economy was hit by the recessions but tourists are now returning, and China. which is helping it build a new terminal at V C Bird International Airport, may provide a major new source of Caribbean sun seekers

North American Nickel (NAN) made significant progress this summer towards defining and expanding its world class nickel-copper property at Maniitsoq