Greenland Mining & Exploration Focus

Greenland is progressing with determination as it prepares to enter the world stage as a major supplier of minerals. We discover how The BANK of Greenland are helping companies operate in the Greenlandic mineral resources industry and talk to the companies themselves about their development.

Trinidad & Tobago Focus

Including an insight from Hon Kevin Ramnarine, Minister for Energy and Energy Affairs of Trinidad & Tobago, an in-depth feature on Petrotrin covering the business, its people and their sustainability programme. Plus we showcase NGC Trinidad & Tobago, Trinity Exploration & Production and many more.

Tanzania Mining Focus

Tanzania is not only a nation with unrivalled mineral resources: it is also one of Africa's most stable and investment-friendly democracies. We are pleased to present a representative selection of mining companies alongside those organisations working for development in the interest all Tanzanians

Mines & Money London 2013

Here we preview the forthcoming Mines and Money London 2013 conference and exhibition, examine the outlook for mining investment in 2014 and shine a spotlight on some of the businesses appearing at the event, including Standard Bank, Base Resources, Coastal Gold and Potash Ridge.

Zambia Energy & Resources

Including an insight from President of the NWCCI, Mathias Mutupa and an in-depth feature on First Quantum Minerals’ Trident project, the largest investment project Zambia has ever seen. Plus we discover Standard Bank's role within Zambia's emerging markets, how Sino Grinding is becoming a global leader and how Zambia’s national power provider Zesco powers the country.


An in-depth examination of Trinidad & Tobago's national oil refiner and supplier of petroleum-based products as it repositions itself to meet the demands for greater capacity upstream and a wider range of innovative and products downstream, both for the local Caribbean market and for export.

Greenland Mining & Exploration Report

Greenland is the home of the next big mining boom, attracting the interest and investment of companies from across the world. We hear from some of the companies that have taken up licences and from the Bureau of Minerals and Petroleum (BMP) that allocate them.

South African Oil & Gas Report

Featuring the South African Oil and Gas Alliance and it's associated members. This report focuses on how the industry is expanding across South Africa by showcasing companies who are flourishing, diversifying and innovating within the sector.

Chile Mining Report

Exploring the world's copper capital including an insight from SONAMI's president as well as highlighting some of the key companies working within the industry