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The wine industry can trace its roots back to at least 5,000 BC, where evidence exists that it was being consumed in various parts of Southern Europe and parts of Asia. Despite having a much more recent history in relative terms in Latin America, the wines of Chile and Argentina, (so-called ‘new world wines’) are already commonplace on the wine lists of the world’s most exclusive restaurants. 

Diamonds are forever, as they say, and it’s a fact that they will always be desirable but the international diamond trade is not immune from economic volatility: we spoke to Erik A. Jens, CEO of Diamond and Jewellery Clients at ABN AMRO and one of the most influential financiers to the business

The Kvanefjeld Project of Greenland Minerals and Energy has been boosted by a new technical partnership and progress in both Greenland and Denmark towards regulation for radioactive materials

The world needs rare earths in quantities and Greenland needs inward investment, employment and the chance to trade in global markets while making use of its strategic position close to the transatlantic trade routes

Alacer operates the world-class ├ç├Âpler gold mine that produced more than 271,000 ounces of gold during 2013, a record figure achieved with exemplary safety performance: this is the company's primary asset and of strategic importance for Turkey's growing mining industry

Gelibolu Shipyard has been delivering expertly designed turn-key vessels for the better part of four decades and with its order book filling up, 2014 is set to be another great year

The Pyhäsalmi mine is one of the deepest and oldest mines in Europe and has been producing vast amounts of copper and zinc from over 50 years. As Managing Director, Kimmo Luukkonen explains, even as it approaches the end of its life the mine has much still to give

Eurostar Diamond Traders is one of the world’s leading diamond wholesalers and diamond manufacturers, a passionate and principled family business that has made a serious impression on the world market: we spoke to its founder Kaushik K Mehta

Metroselskabet holds the distinction of operating and expanding Metro Copenhagen, an ultra-modern, pioneering Metro system that has contributed considerably to the city’s growth in recent years

One of EuropeÔÇÖs leading energy companies, Dalkia provides innovative solutions and technologies to support sustainable growth and enhance environmental best practices

GreeceÔÇÖs largest construction company, AKTOR has grown to become a major player on both the local and international stages

In little more than ten years Offshore Marine Management (OMM) has carved out a reputation for expertise and operational excellence in several industries, one of which being the oil and gas sector

Based in Vancouver, Eldorado Gold presents itself as a low-cost gold producer with a vision to create a long-term, profitable business with healthy margins using a disciplined approach to growth

The Brenner Base Tunnel is one of those infrastructure projects that has an historical as well as an engineering dimension – symbolizing cross border collaboration as much as a free market in Europe