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The global seed industry is hugely important for human progress. Feeding the world’s population of 7 billion depends on a number of factors, one of which is the ready availability of seeds. Despite this, the industry is notorious for its high level of concentration, driven by a few large multinational firms and characterized by consolidation between them.

The exponential growth of Zambia’s mining industry over the past 25 years is as much a testament to the world class service providers in the country, as the country’s vast mineral reserves. One such service provider is Quattro, Zambia’s most respected transport provider to the country’s burgeoning mining industry. 

In a previous article on First Quantum Minerals’ Trident Project in Zambia, we focused on the impact in terms of sustainability that it would have in the country - in terms of bringing quality employment, introducing several CSR projects, dramatically improving the regional infrastructure and all while respecting the natural environment in the area.

The rise and fall of prices in precious minerals can sometimes seem abstract, and of little consequence to anyone outside of mining companies and commodities traders. However, there is thankfully, a far more tangible impact of an upswing in prices for these metals: the huge FDI that follows in regions which are rich in mineral deposits.

There aren’t many companies which make it past the 100 years mark, but when they do, it’s usually because they possess a combination of management and operational nous that few other companies do. These companies are all the more remarkable when they’ve succeeded in the face of a century of political upheaval.

The Southern African nation of Mozambique is less than 50 years old but is home to one of the oldest logistics companies on the continent. Portos e Caminhos de Ferro de Moçambique (Mozambique Ports and Railways), responsible for the country’s ports and rail network, was founded in 1936, at a time when Mozambique was still a Portuguese colony.

Last year Mota-Engil celebrated 70 years of existence as a recognised top 100 construction company worldwide. They have a presence in three continents spanning 22 countries with an employee headcount of over 25,000 employees. 

The volcanic island archipelago of Cape Verde is one of only five island nations on the continent of Africa, and the only one located off Africa’s Atlantic coast. This gives it a strategic location on air and sea routes, which primes it for growth in the coming years. All indications are that tourism will be central to this growth.

Conciel is evolving as fast as the needs of Africans to develop the communications on which economic development depends

With a long history of service Oando Gas and Power Limited (OG&P) has emerged as Nigeria's leading private sector developer of gas to both commercial and private consumers

Intertek, a leading quality solutions provider to industries worldwide, is providing essential quality, safety, compliance and performance monitoring as part of the growing range of services it offers to clients in Africa

Kishugu which has its roots in forest and wildfire combating, suppression and prevention, is set to light up the global stage with its international experience of delivering integrated fire management services

The opening of King Mswati III International Airport was the proudest moment to date for the Swaziland Civil Aviation Authority (SWACAA) and its Director General Solomon Dube who spoke to us of his vision for SwazilandÔÇÖs prosperity.

Angola Cables is laying a cable across the Atlantic Ocean: this is a project with profound implications for global and regional telecommunications as well as for Angola itself