Mining and Exploration business showcase

The Alentejo district of Portugal is sometimes referred to as the ‘bread basket’ of Portugal thanks to its rich food reserves. However, ever since Swedish firm Lundin Mining acquired the Neves-Corvo mine back in 2006 as part of its merger with EuroZinc mining, the region’s land has become famous internationally outside the traditional areas of agriculture and cork.

Canada’s abundant mineral resources have led to an economic surge over the past decade, with shale oil occupying most of the newspaper columns. However, its coal resources - coming to the fore again after recent legislation changes in the neighboring US - are also enormous. By some estimates, the Peace River and Kootenay coalfields alone are estimated to hold more than two billion tonnes of coal.

Chile’s huge mining industry has taken flight over the past 40 years,creating thousands of skilled jobs and huge export markets and generating one of the world’s economic success stories in the process. Currently, the country’s mining industry employs close to a quarter of a million people and Chile ranks as the number one copper miner in the world.

Depending on which version of history is to be believed, the small Central American republic of Panama takes its name from a word meaning ‘an abundance of fish,’ or ‘an abundance of trees.’ Whichever version is taken, what’s clear is that Panama from the earliest times has been a country rich in natural resources

In a previous article on First Quantum Minerals’ Trident Project in Zambia, we focused on the impact in terms of sustainability that it would have in the country - in terms of bringing quality employment, introducing several CSR projects, dramatically improving the regional infrastructure and all while respecting the natural environment in the area.

The rise and fall of prices in precious minerals can sometimes seem abstract, and of little consequence to anyone outside of mining companies and commodities traders. However, there is thankfully, a far more tangible impact of an upswing in prices for these metals: the huge FDI that follows in regions which are rich in mineral deposits.

In an industry as rigorously competitive as the gold production, Anaconda Mining Inc is a company of exploration that fundamentally strives for stability. The junior gold production company focuses its mergers and acquisitions target searches primarily on Canada and the United States, with a particular focus on Atlantic Canada.

North American Nickel (NAN) made significant progress this summer towards defining and expanding its world class nickel-copper property at Maniitsoq

Diamonds are forever, as they say, and it’s a fact that they will always be desirable but the international diamond trade is not immune from economic volatility: we spoke to Erik A. Jens, CEO of Diamond and Jewellery Clients at ABN AMRO and one of the most influential financiers to the business

Hawk Measurement Systems (HAWK) is regarded as a world leader in the design, manufacture and provision of level, positioning and flow measurement systems, with exports to over 30 countries across a range of industries, including mining, water, food, power stations and cement

The Colluli Project, an equal joint venture between South Boulder Mines and the Eritrean National Mining Company (ENAMCO) is a unique potash resource that will help feed the world

Pesco believes that different industries require customised solutions, products and services, a concept it has been delivering in Chile for more than 15 years and is now exporting

The Kvanefjeld Project of Greenland Minerals and Energy has been boosted by a new technical partnership and progress in both Greenland and Denmark towards regulation for radioactive materials

The world needs rare earths in quantities and Greenland needs inward investment, employment and the chance to trade in global markets while making use of its strategic position close to the transatlantic trade routes