Frank Lloyd Wright house in danger of demolition

An historical masterpiece by America's most famous architect might be on the verge of destruction. That is the battle now happening in Arizona where a Nevada developer bought a Frank Lloyd Wright home that was one of only two he built for family members, and is said to be the test forerunner for his Guggenheim Museum design. It’s a one-of-a-kind Wright designed-and-built residence on 2.2 acres, but its days might be numbered as the new owner wants to rip it down and build tract-type housing. 

Wright designed and built this home for his fourth son by his first wife. David and Gladys Wright lived in it during their lifetime and it stayed in the family until four years ago when Wright’s three great granddaughters sold it to a family for $2.8 million because they could no longer afford the upkeep.

They thought the family would live in it and care for it, however, the new family recently sold it to the Nevada developer, 8081 Meridian Corporation. Managing partner, John Hoffman, said they intended to tear it down to build new homes.

When word of this got out, it spawned a public outcry within the community and with all admirers of Frank Lloyd Wright and his important contribution to modern architecture. As a result, the developer is giving the Wright home a second chance. For a short time, the opportunity exists for someone to buy out the developer.

Considered by architectural historians to be in the top 20 of Wright’s designs, it’s an opportunity for a new buyer who acts quickly, or it will be gone forever. There is also a petition from the Frank Lloyd Wright Building Conservancy to save the home.


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