Technology news

In a symbolic ground-breaking ceremony, ThyssenKrupp laid the foundation stone for its elevator test tower on the afternoon of December 16

Canadian carrier captures CSR award

As part of its strategy to move its Firefox OS mobile operating system into new markets Mozilla has announced that it will be launching its first smartphone in India this week

Cambridge University scientists have advanced metamaterials technology that could one day make the invisible cloak a reality

The Chinese telecoms equipment maker Huawei has reported a 19 percent rise in sales to $21.9 for the first half of 2014

On July 3 Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer HTC on Thursday reported an 80 percent rise in second-quarter net profit over last year

Google has started to remove search results under Europe's new rules that allow individuals the 'right to be forgotten'

A deal has been agreed with the US Federal Aviation Authority (FAA) which will allow Virgin Galactic to charter space flights from its US base

AT&T is looking to acquire the satellite television provider DirecTV in a multi-billion cash and stock deal is to partner with to launch a ground-breaking research and commerce service

Talks are underway which could see Apple acquire Beats Electronics

Amazon has announced a unique partnership with Twitter

In a bid to tap into the potential of airborne data delivery Google has acquired drone manufacturer Titan Aerospace

Google will open sales of its wearable computer technology on April 15 to adults residing in the United States