Technology business showcase

Angola Cables is laying a cable across the Atlantic Ocean: this is a project with profound implications for global and regional telecommunications as well as for Angola itself

By applying fresh thinking, a creative approach and flexible solutions for communications in South Africa, Neotel has risen to the point where it stands among the top-tier telecommunications businesses on the continent, let alone the country

Managing Director, Michel Maalouf discusses how a passion for creativity and a drive to deliver results have contributed to the success of CONCIEL

Blue Sky Satellite Communications is the go-to solutions provider for telecommunications across Africa: we spoke to founder and CEO Pedro Camacho about the company, its markets, and its vision for the future

Airtel Madagascar is a relative newcomer to this resource rich, ecologically diverse and culturally vibrant island nation but its ability to bring together the economic and social strands that unite the people is making a big difference

AirTies Turkey CEO, Philippe Alcaras discusses how the company’s success in Turkey can act as a springboard to international expansion

Among the forces that bind the people of Azerbaijan together is its mobile communications network: we talk to Azercell’s recently appointed CEO about the technical and social aspirations of the company

The name Cisco has been associated with innovation since its foundation in 1984: its Malta operations are an epitome of its global significance as the industry enters its next evolutionary phase

NTT Communications (Thailand) President, Tsuyoshi Kawashima, discusses the growing important of Thailand to the South East Asian region and how the internet and other telecoms services are becoming ever more critical to people’s lives

Solutions Director, Paul Krzystoszek, discusses the qualities that have brought ASC such success over the years and how its acquisition by SpeedCast will take the business to the next level

Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority (TCRA) has overseen revolutions in broadcasting, postal services and telecommunications over the last decade under the leadership of Director General John Nkoma: today’s revolution is a digital one

Technical Support Service Manager for International Business Development, Feisal Aden Darar discusses the progress Djibouti Telecom has made in becoming a telecommunications gateway to the rest of the world

In recent years the ICT industry in Zambia has undergone a series of changes that have been to the benefit of operators, service providers and most importantly consumers. Director General of ZICTA, Margaret K Chalwe-Mudenda discusses the role the Authority has played during this exciting period of time

Chairman, Pekka Kokko, and managing director, Frode Dyrdal, discusses the shared mobile broadband network concept that Rural Netco believe will not only benefit thousands of people in Tanzania, but potentially millions across Africa