Food and Beverage business showcase

The global seed industry is hugely important for human progress. Feeding the world’s population of 7 billion depends on a number of factors, one of which is the ready availability of seeds. Despite this, the industry is notorious for its high level of concentration, driven by a few large multinational firms and characterized by consolidation between them.

The Chilean company Camanchaca was founded in 1965, taking its name from the distinctive cloud patterns that form over the coast where its fishing trawlers have operated until today. In the beginning, the company was focused on selling shrimp and langostinolobster but soon expanded into other areas including salmon aquaculture.

The wine industry can trace its roots back to at least 5,000 BC, where evidence exists that it was being consumed in various parts of Southern Europe and parts of Asia. Despite having a much more recent history in relative terms in Latin America, the wines of Chile and Argentina, (so-called ‘new world wines’) are already commonplace on the wine lists of the world’s most exclusive restaurants. 

King Pie has grown dramatically over the 20 years since it hit the South African fast food scene: now it is expanding regionally while sticking to the principles that made it a success in the first place

Africa's biggest seed company is establishing a presence in Tanzania that promises a more prosperous future for the country's small scale farmers

Golden Veroleum Liberia (GVL) is developing a sustainable palm oil industry in West Africa, at once meeting growing global demand and lifting a nation out of poverty

CamanchacaÔÇÖs quality fish products have made it a leading player on the international stage

BevPak has successfully taken modern PET bottle technology into the challenging Nigerian market: now it is looking further afield

Zambeef has grown from very humble beginnings to become one of the largest integrated agri-businesses in Zambia

Country Bird Holdings (CBH) is a fully integrated poultry company with breeder facilities, hatcheries, broiler sites and processing plants and feed mills: a leading brand in South Africa, its sights are set on growing markets across the continent

As well as being the largest sugar manufacturing operation in East Africa, Mumias Sugar Company is today making a name for itself in the field of power generation

Managing director, Ketul Tanna, reveals the secret behind GPL’s success within the FMGC sector and its plans for imminent expansion across Africa

Unique Dairy Products Ltd (UDP) is an award-winning manufacturer and supplier of hard and soft ice cream, frozen novelties, frozen yogurt and related ice cream products: its newly found independence following a recent MBO will enable it better to reach its target market

For two decades Coca-Cola Sabco has had a front row seat to Mozambique’s growth as a nation. Country manager, Simon Everest, discusses the future potential of the country and the company’s expansion plans