Google named employer of choice

Google has been named as the company UK adults most want to work for—with rival Apple coming a close second.

In a survey carried out of more than 2,133 UK adults by research and consulting organisation YouGov for Croner, Google was named 81 times and Apple 80 times as the most desirable companies to work for.

High-profile UK companies also featuring in participants’ responses included John Lewis (72 mentions), Virgin (62 mentions) and the BBC (55 mentions). The NHS also featured high on the list.

Asked what makes a good employer, survey participants cited a good working environment, which topped the list at 82 per cent, closely followed by good pay and benefits (81 per cent). Career development (65 per cent) and training and development opportunities (69 per cent) also featured high on the wish-list. Seventy-six per cent of the survey's participants said it is important that an employer should offer a good work-life balance.

Good culture and strong company values (41 per cent), good leadership (47 per cent) and a culture of innovation (27 per cent) all featured in the list as well.

Commenting on the report, Croner's managing director Andy Hague said: "Our survey does reveal that over 40 per cent of adults believe that a great working culture and strong values make a good business, and these have been shown to provide a great source of competitive advantage in business.

"It's no coincidence that the companies named in the survey are all successful in their own right and that people would work for them if they had the opportunity.

"Being a good employer is something these businesses have worked hard at. Putting the needs of the workforce at the heart of their organisations has a significant effect on their success. It singles them out as employers of choice."