Airbus wins important battle for Easyjet contract

The deal has seen the budget airline agree to purchase 135 new aircraft from Airbus, 35 of which will be its A320 aircraft and 100 its new-generation A320neo jets. At list price said order would cost Easyjet more than $11 billion, however the company claims to have negotiated a substantial discount.

What makes this particular deal all the more significant is the fact that both Airbus and Boeing were competing to win it.

"Ultimately, Airbus offered us the best deal, and at a price with a greater discount to the list price than their landmark fleet purchase with Easyjet in 2002," said Easyjet chief executive Carolyn McCall.

The UK-based airline plans to buy around 70% of the new aircraft outright and lease the remainder through third parties. Easyjet has also agreed an option to buy an additional 100 A320neo jets in the future.

Eighty-five of the 135 new aircraft will be used to replace ageing models, with the remaining used to fulfil Easyjet's ambition to grow seat capacity by between three and five percent per year.