Instead of battening down the hatches when the going gets tough, smart leaders inspire their employees to find better ways of achieving their objectives.

Crises are for multinationals, aren’t they? It could never happen to you, could it? If not managed correctly, however, a crisis can spell the end for a company’s reputation.

Technology development can often outpace an organisation’s ability to harness its opportunities. The stage is set for the digital director.

Investment in field service management technology can help streamline business processes, leading to long-term efficiency, profitability and customer retention.

A lighthearted look at our obsession with busyness from our competitive strategy analyst.

Businesses that export grow by almost a third in just two years, according to new research from Barclays.

Companies need to rethink return on investment to evaluate the benefits of social business.

The subprime and European debt crisis is the greatest threat/opportunity for mankind in a century, says Martin Marmolejo.

Can China overcome its geology and infrastructure problems to become the dominant force in natural gas? And can other economies benefit from the opportunities this might create?

New markets can spring spectacular surprises, but much can be learned from others who have been there before.

With competition heating up in the aerospace and defence manufacturing sector, businesses are having to completely rethink how they go to market.

Certain characteristics demonstrate ‘executive promise’ and the ability to take on an executive role—but at what price?

After twenty years of market creation in China, what will it look like as it reaches maturity, and what will this mean for western companies? Part one of a three-part series by Davd G. Hartman looks at the emergence of business-to-business markets.

A core values statement is two-dimensional until the right people with the right attitudes bring it to life, says Micah Solomon.

The Olympic event for the mining industry, MINExpo International takes place every four years. 

The construction sector is particularly at risk from acts of bribery, which can threaten contracts, business relationships, and ultimately, a company’s survival. 

A new kind of war is being waged across the global stage—using economics to potentially inflict more damage than the conflicts we have seen in the past, says Richard Telofski.

With today’s workforce ageing and many employees opting to continue working full-time even after retirement age, how can businesses ensure that younger workers are still offered the opportunities they deserve?

Engage every employee in improvement and you won’t think of replacing them with robots, says Mark Graban.

We are witnessing the large-scale industrialization of the data center, owned and operated by the ICT operators, with security technologies in the hands of the end user to remove any need to trust their human operators, says Dr Mike Gault.

Automotive manufacturers want their ERP to be able to streamline business processes, improve collaboration and support them in achieving operational excellence, says Wolfram Schmid.

Alongside the severe energy crises currently being experienced by most African countries comes a huge opportunity to direct investments into clean, efficient, renewable energy for the growth of a green economy in Africa.

Electra Mining Africa opens its doors to the world once again this year from Johannesburg on 10 September; and the 2012 show looks set to be the biggest and most exciting ever.

Manufacturers in the industrial machinery and equipment sector are increasingly seeking new strategies that will enable them to take advantage of improved market conditions.