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At the leading edge of new business thinking, Business Excellence is your one-source portfolio of news, features, blogs, videos and newsletters on all that is excellent in industry.

Since the idea of continuous improvement was derived from the Japanese term kaizen, CI has migrated from automotive to manufacturing in general, and from there to any type of business that aspires to be world class.

In our Business Showcase we publish personal accounts of the real-life achievements of senior executives from companies across the global industrial spectrum, from mining to manufacturing, healthcare, construction, energy, retail, and more.

In our Features section we bring you up-to-date comment and advice from professionals in their field on the hot topics in our four foundations of business excellence; strategy, operations, supply chain, and sustainability.

Regular updates to our blogs, videos and newsletters provide a content-rich reading experience packed with interesting views and comment on the issues of the day affecting global business.

The road to excellence is long and winding, but if you do one thing better today than you did yesterday, you are moving forward. Business Excellence will keep you moving—and we mean business.