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The Khoemacau Project was the biggest & most exciting project to happen to Hellenics. Hellenics, a Geotechnical Engineering Company that has been operating in Botswana for the past 14 years, provides Field Work Orientated Geotechnical Investigations such as Cone Penetration Testing, Geotechnical Drilling, On-Site Geotechnical Testing and Consulting on Fine & Course Residue Repositories. At Khoemacau, Hellenics provided detailed geotechnical investigations for the planned road network, 50 kilometres of the 132kV power line servitude, plant & support infrastructure such as Offices, Contractors Camps, Processing plant foundation assessment, dams and access roads.

Lastly I would wish to express sincere gratitude to Khoemacau Copper Mining and Fluor for giving us the opportunity & believing in Hellenics.


Contact No. +267 311 8482/+26775025483


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