Revealed: BritainÔÇÖs top 100 entrepreneurs

The UK's top 100 business entrepreneurs of 2014 have been revealed. Based on recent research, the list includes business leaders from the world of fashion, retail, IT, property, aviation, construction and more
Top 100 UK entrepreneurs

Occupying the number one spot is none other than former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham. With 100 employees working for her, she turned over an impressive £30 million in 2014, a 2,900% rise from five years ago.

The headline information has been included in the infographic to the left, created exclusively for It shows the individual rated the No.1 entrepreneur in Britain today, the youngest and oldest people on the list - with a range of 54 years - and a breakdown of the areas of the UK which have contributed the most members. Of course, the wealthiest figure is also disclosed.

Here are some other interesting statistics pulled out from the research…

- 11 of the top businesses were online

- The youngest entrepreneur on the list was Chris Edwards Jr, founder of “Poundworld”.

- The average wealth of the entrepreneurs on the list is £254.16 million.

-The South East is the region with the highest percentage of entrepreneurs. 32 percent of those on the list operate there.

- The wealthiest entrepreneur is Dr James Dyson with a net worth of an estimated £3.3 billion.

- The average business on the list employees 1,552 people.