Global Sourcing & Supply (GSS)

Working to the highest international standards, Global Sourcing & Supply (GSS) is an integrated facility management and contract supply operation supported by an advanced logistics capability. GSS is a wholly owned subsidiary of BMMI Group, headquartered in the Kingdom of Bahrain, and currently operates in Qatar, Iraq, Djibouti, Mali, Gabon, Ghana, Burkina Faso, Kenya, the Republic of Sudan and South Sudan, providing flexible options for logistics and service delivery and engaging with a multitude of international governments, non-government organisations and industrial clients.

The GSS team also provides complete site support services and offers turnkey solutions in the establishment and management of remote site operations to industries as diverse as mining, construction, agriculture, oil and gas.

With Africa’s remarkable growth, driven in large part by a minerals and energy boom, numerous companies seized the opportunity to explore new oil rigs in the region which opened the door for GSS to expand its integrated facility management solutions and contract logistics. In recent years, GSS has managed to successfully cater to the needs of major companies delivering quality services in the most rigorous locations in Africa.

When it comes to Integrated Facility Management (IFM) solutions, GSS covers the entire spectrum, from the provision of prepared meals and a range of ancillary services inclusive of housekeeping, laundry, operations and maintenance, to camp retail (commissary) services and leisure requirements.

GSS understands the importance of delivering quality services in the most remote locations in Africa and therefore it ensures that it caters to its clients, using only the best quality, handpicked ingredients. The company’s catering staff ensures all food is expertly displayed and served hot and fresh from the pan. Service options range from self-service cafeterias to retail coffee shops and seated, full service à la carte style.

In terms of the company’s janitorial services, GSS’ satisfaction lies not only in making sure its clients reside in clean and comfortable surroundings, but also for them to experience the high quality services provided by its team. It is GSS’ goal to pay attention to every single detail and to keep its clients’ workplace tidy and their lodgings homely, to meet and exceed their expectations.

Through the years, GSS has built its reputation on providing outstanding cleaning services using state of-the-art equipment, environmentally preferred products and unique cleaning processes to ensure clients’ facilities are cleaner and healthier than ever before.

GSS’ complete range of laundry options includes Express, Same Day and Overnight services for guest and employee laundry. Like clockwork, its team provides door-to-door pick-up and drop-off of laundry, handling all clothes, uniforms and linen with the utmost care.

As GSS’ ultimate goal is to ensure its clients get their work done in a safe and well protected environment, the company is constantly looking to utilise advanced systems with customised solutions to protect every aspect of its client’s company assets. Its services in this field range from 24-hour security, entrance control and central control to remote monitoring of CCTV and security system audits.

GSS has been actively supporting customers in Africa with major contract logistics capabilities for several years. An example of this is a major prepositioning warehouse operation in East Africa handling up to 30,000 tons at any point in time including receipt, warehousing and redelivery of bagged commodity items in support of humanitarian efforts in the Horn of Africa.

In addition, GSS provides sourcing services for components, spare parts, repair engine parts or any FFE requirements. Preferred supplier agreements in all major markets allow its dedicated team to match up customer requirements with a manufacturer’s part number, sometimes within hours. The company then ships to remote locations, expediting the order within 48 hours. Its suppliers cover all aspects of technical supply and demand, no matter how big or small.

Utilising a multi-model approach, GSS has supported rations in contingent and active war zones, while maintaining full product integrity throughout the supply chain so that it arrives fresh for troops. Furthermore, it has trading agreements in place with major suppliers and is able to process requirements through varied consolidation capabilities within a short span of time.

GSS’ team is also capable of sourcing, shipping and fully integrating the provision of temporary structures for accommodation, kitchens, messing, recreation, offices and retail.

During the past few years, GSS was faced with uncertainty driven by increased competition, geo-politics and economic indicators in the African region. However, with GSS’ solid experience and reputable name in the African market, it has managed to enter new countries, secure new contracts and enter new acquisitions and joint ventures this year.

The future of Africa looks promising and therefore GSS truly believes that over the next few years it is likely to grow and continue to attract and retain clients in the oil industry. This high demand for its IFM solutions has been also driven by its exceptional services provided by its experienced and skilled technical staff across the industry.

Edited by Will Daynes, research by Gareth Hardy