2015 Global infrastructure report released

This year's Strategic Infrastructure report by GC/LA identifies projects worth a total of $406 billion in the top five sectors in the top five regions of the world
Norman Anderson

The 2015 report gives a clear snapshot of the 100 projects that are most strategic to their country's competitiveness, and that have specific business opportunities for the private sector in the next 3 - 18 months. This list hones in on 47 countries, 10 sectors, and covers projects from pre-feasibility study through early construction.

Three necessary actions to build a strong infrastructure initiative are suggested in the report, emphasises Norman Anderson, CEO of GC/LA (pictured). "Of the twenty countries that we have identified as top infrastructure producers, eight are under new political leadership – this is critical, because everything that most politicians think about infrastructure, and the assumptions underlying that thinking, is wrong," he says. "Further, only new leadership has the advantage of credibility and energy – the honeymoon period required to implement the infrastructure shock required for success. The world is under-investing in infrastructure by about half, and the cumulative effects of that underinvestment are reaching a tipping point."

The eighth Global Infrastructure Leadership Forum will take place on February 25-27, 2015 in New York City. Similar to CG/LA's other Forums, the Global Forum offers a unique mix of in-depth workshops, rapid project presentations, pre-scheduled one-on-ones and informal sessions all revolving around tomorrow's global infrastructure marketplace.