SGS: Leading the Way in Mining Testing, Inspection, and Certification in Tanzania

SGS has been providing testing, inspection, and certification services to various industries in Tanzania since 1962. Today, it is the country’s leading provider of such services, serving industries ranging from mining and industrial to environmental, agricultural, oil, gas, and chemicals. In this article, we will discuss SGS Tanzania’s recent developments, role in the AngloGold Ashanti – Geita Gold Mining Limited project, exciting initiatives and services, partnerships, and collaborations.


SGS Tanzania’s Recent Developments

In Tanzania, the mining sector’s contribution to GDP stood at 7.2% as of 2021, with gold being the biggest contributor in production, export, and value. The government expects that the mining sector will grow to 10% of GDP by 2025, and these figures are similar across the East African region, where the mining industry has seen growth over the past couple of years. SGS, the leading provider of testing, inspection, and certification services, has played a crucial role in ensuring the industry’s growth and success in Tanzania.


In response to the challenges faced by the mining sector in Tanzania, SGS is offering services that address these issues and help clients navigate the complex regulatory landscape. The company is known for its high-quality and best-in-class laboratories. The experts provide a wide range of services all designed to help clients comply with regulations and standards related to mining, facilitate trade as well as support them in meeting their quality, safety, and sustainability goals.


Role in the Geita Gold Mine Project

SGS provides varied testing services to Geita Gold Mine. By providing a range of services, including geochemical assay, laboratory services, environmental services, and testing, and oil condition monitoring, we contribute to environmental compliance and the smooth operations of the mine site. SGS installed a mobile sample preparation unit (MSPU) to Geita Gold Mine to expand analytical capabilities on-site and improve turnaround time to help deliver prompt decision-making. SGS/AAL is currently involved in the design and construction of a new laboratory for Barrick’s North Mara Gold Mine. Recently SGS has seen significant demand for MSPUs as they provide a flexible approach that delivers high-quality laboratory solutions, employs local staff, and improves turnaround times to even the most remote mine sites.


Exciting Initiatives and Services

SGS in Tanzania has developed exciting initiatives and services to support its clients. These services improve commercial, environmental, and social performance, which is becoming increasingly important to stakeholders and investors. In Tanzania, SGS has four state-of-the-art laboratories including the geochemical and environmental labs in Mwanza, which are ISO/IEC 10725 accredited, and the oil, gas and chemicals, and agricultural labs in the main port area of Dar Es Salaam. This laboratory network provides clients with a range of testing and trade compliance services to minimize operational and trade risk. The company's commercial laboratories are complemented by mobile laboratories that can be deployed to client sites, including remote locations. As mentioned, mobile units perform on-site sample preparation and testing services, employ local staff, and offer a more sustainable approach.


Partnerships and Collaborations

SGS has partnered and collaborated with major mines and exploration companies in Tanzania and the surrounding countries. By understanding the project and client goals, the SGS partnership has provided assay services to mine sites across the value chain, from green field exploration through development and production. A key example is the Geita Gold Mine, where SGS has provided various testing services for years and successfully contributed to the mine’s current successful performance. 



SGS has been at the forefront of the testing, inspection, and certification services industry in Tanzania for over five decades. Its services to the mining, oil & gas, and agricultural industry have played a crucial role in the country's economy. By facilitating trade and maintaining high-quality laboratories in Tanzania, SGS has supported the country's growth and success. Through its innovative initiatives and services, partnerships, and collaborations, SGS in Tanzania is poised to continue leading the way in the industry, providing the mining sector with essential testing services that meet regulatory standards and help clients meet their quality, safety, and sustainability goals. In addition to its network of laboratory facilities in Tanzania, SGS operates a world-class laboratory network across Africa and in more than 120 countries around the world.