Zodiac Aviation Support, Inc

In-flight Service

Zodiac Aviation Support, Inc. (ZAS), based near John F. Kennedy International airport in New York City, is a proven and respected provider of the full range of in-flight products and services. The highly experienced ZAS staff caters exclusively to the international aviation community.  They are skilled at meeting both deadlines and budgets while routinely exceeding customer expectations.

“Over the past 16 years, many of Africa and the Middle-East’s top international carriers have turned to ZAS for their in-flight service requirements,” said General Manager Yilma Kassaye. “Since 1996, the year we opened for business, we have been one of the leading suppliers to some of the industry’s most quality-oriented airlines. We count Air Madagascar, TAAG Angola, LAM Mozambique, TACV, Kenya Airways and Ethiopian Airlines and many others amongst our customers. “

“Airlines concerned with quality and the on-board experience of their customers routinely put Z A S on their short-list of providers for both off-the-shelf and custom on-board service and merchandise solutions. Any airline that selects ZAS to provide onboard products and services can rest assured that their customer will experience and appreciate that extra quality “something” in their onboard experience,” remarked Kassaye.

“In-flight supplies from Zodiac are not only durable, light weight and attractive, more importantly, they are also competitively priced. As experts in the field, we have exclusive business relationships with the best manufacturers from around the world.  These relationships ensure ZAS customers the highest quality products delivered on-time and on-budget.”

ZAS handles the merchandising of the full line of on-board products and services including: Blankets, Glassware, Amenity Kits, Disposable items, Rotable items, Porcelain serving items, Beverages, and a full range of in-flight catering.

Blankets: “Our blankets are warm, featherweight, fire retardant and come in different sizes, designs, and colors to allow them to match any aircraft interior.  The blankets are available in either Wool, Mod Acrylic or Polyester. We can also provide cost-saving disposable blankets if the customer wants them.”

Glassware:“Our Bohemian crystal glasses are on a par with stemware used in fine restaurants.  Many of our customers use these handsome, multi-purpose glasses in their First and Business class cabins.  Our customers may select from a wide variety of existing styles or we can have something custom designed for them. “

Amenity Kits:“Our amenity kits provide our customers a unique opportunity to bond with their best customers by providing them useful, personal care items contained in custom designed cases.  Customers love the complimentary and stylish assortment of eye shades, headsets, slipper-socks, cosmetics and other gender specific personal care items.  The long-haul premium cabin passenger views these items as essential for international travel and they believe they have paid for these little “extras” in the ticket price.  What’s important for our customers to understand is that ZAS can create an amenity kit for any budget”

Disposables: “The nature of the airline business requires that our customers are offered a wide range of options across products like serving trays, cups, dishes, flatware, glasses, napkins, pillowcases and other essentials. Our clients need packaging, materials, design and price-point choices in order to align their customer profiles, route structures, aircraft –types and budgets.”

Rotables:“Value is the one constant in all Zodiac-supplied products, but especially with re-used items such as service trays, cups, casseroles, dishware, hollowware and stainless steel products. We are experts at matching our product offering to the tastes and budgets of our clients.”

Porcelains: “To our airline customers, image is everything and nothing communicates that better than porcelain.  Our professional staff can guide the most demanding customers through the myriad options in bone china, fine china and regular porcelains.“

Wines, liqueurs and champagnes:  “Our customer’s flight attendants are expected to be semi-professional “sommeliers”.  That’s where we come in. Our beverage professionals are knowledgeable about the characteristics and food pairings for all manner of wines, beers, spirits and other non-alcoholic choices.  They know and can help our customers select the best beverages from France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Chile, South Africa and the USA.  Best of all, individual and customized size choices are available.”

Catering services: “The customers who involve us in their catering needs think of us as their airline’s executive chef.  Working in conjunction with renowned food connoisseurs and catering organizations worldwide, the staff at Zodiac brings a new level of excellence to every meal selection and presentation. Theselections may vary, to fit individual budgets, but our commitment to always provide our client with the best-value-for-money possible remains constant.”

“Another personalized aspect of the services Z AS provides is our concern for and focus on our customers desired delivery schedule.  We know the value of on-time delivery and we prove it on a daily basis.  We also routinely help customers lower their expenses by planning deliveries to coincide with an airline’s flight schedule which reduces freight costs by arranging deliveries directly to the airline at a destination  their aircraft serve,” said Kassaye.

“Many times it’s not about added expense but rather about making the right choices.  Raw materials and manufacturing techniques differ from supplier to supplier so you need an experienced guide.  Our customers look to Zodiac to provide sturdy yet light weight pieces that won’t collapse on their customer, and long-lasting rotables that keep their shine flight in and flight out. We treasure the moments when our customers tell us that their passengers have commented about their great in-flight product experience.  That’s the Zodiac difference.”

“Working together, our airline customers and our ZAS in-flight service designers define the airline’s on-board service goals and design. Together we define the image our airline customer seeks to project. Working with Zodiac ensures that the customer ultimately gets the right products at the best price in order to deliver their customized in-flight service design vision.”

“It’s not surprising that when an airline serves thousands of customers each day, sometimes supplies can run short.  ZAS customers needn’t worry about such situations.  Our “buffer stock” program provides our customers with peace of mind.  They know that ZAS keeps ample supplies of their most ordered items on-hand. These buffer stock items can be expedited and delivered to them on a “just in time” basis.

“Commercial aviation is a tough, competitive, cut-throat business at the best of times—and these are hardly the best of times.  Airline operational costs are high and profit margins are historically thin.  Today’s global economic environment is challenging for any company.

When the marketplace is tough and the economic times are hard, Zodiac has the financial strength to work with our customers no matter what their credit needs are. We’ve even entered into joint ventures with customers to have our products manufactured in their home countries using local labor and raw materials.   Zodiac Aviation Support, Inc. always goes the extra mile for the customer,” said Kassaye.   


Written by: Kenneth Connor, research by: James Boyle