Business Showcase

By utilising innovative methods and technologies Central Rand Gold is bringing commercial gold mining back to the City of Johannesburg

Over the last twelve months Adrok has experienced significant gains, not just in terms of turnover, but also its presence in key North American markets and its acceptance into important sectors of industry

Vale's operations in Canada are carried out in some of the most challenging environments, but with demand for nickel on the up and prices 30 percent higher than six months ago the company is sitting on highly strategic resources

In the space of 30 years Punta Cana International Airport has grown to become not only the Dominican Republic’s leading destination for travel, but also one of Latin America’s premier airports

Golden Veroleum Liberia (GVL) is developing a sustainable palm oil industry in West Africa, at once meeting growing global demand and lifting a nation out of poverty

Boasting more than 20 years of internal experience of sailing in Arctic waters, Royal Arctic Line and its employees have become a massively important lifeline for Greenland. The Company combines its regular liner services with servicing businesses within Greenland’s emerging mineral and oil sectors

It took Ixoreal Biomed 14 years of R&D to develop and refine its KSM-66┬« ashwagandha extract. The hard work and dedication of IxorealÔÇÖs employees have helped make KSM-66┬« the best product of its kind on the world market today

Praxis is a young company on a fast track: already known as a reliable partner for crushing services it has grown through excellence in the way it manages its assets to deliver services to major customers

As the main source of energy for Trinidad and Tobago as well as its principal foreign exchange earner Petrotrin is investing strategically in upping its offshore and onshore resources of crude