Business Showcase

The world needs rare earths in quantities and Greenland needs inward investment, employment and the chance to trade in global markets while making use of its strategic position close to the transatlantic trade routes

Modern mining methods continue to extract significant quantities of copper from a deposit that has been worked for over a millennium – now Palabora Copper is preparing for an ambitions expansion programme to maintain production for another decade

Africa's biggest seed company is establishing a presence in Tanzania that promises a more prosperous future for the country's small scale farmers

According to international standards, The BANK of Greenland is a small bank. But in Greenland, the bank is unconditionally the largest bank. And if you want to operate in the Greenlandic mineral resources industry, the bank is without comparison the strongest local collaborator to help you with financing and assistance concerning day-to-day operations

An exciting gemstone project promises to be the first fruit of Greenland’s new mining era: we spoke to True North Gems’ enthusiastic President and CEO about building a new industry

Electricity derived from geothermal resources will play a key role in Kenya achieving its Vision 2030 objectives. Responsibility for this rests on the shoulders of the Geothermal Development Company (GDC)

Primefuels has taken advantage of every opportunity to provide a much needed logistics service across East and Central Africa and has grown in less than 20 years from a transporter of edible oils to a partner for major mining, aviation and O&G customers

The Tata group has a long-standing association with Zambia which it chose many years ago as its gateway into Africa: its strategy is to leverage strong customer focus in diverse markets

Guatemala's energy network is undergoing a benevolent revolution that is bringing power to the Central American country's remote communities, transforming lives and catalysing business development