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After almost 10 years of austerity, thankfully it appears that Greece is coming out of some of the most turbulent times in its modern history. In August 2018, its third and final bailout program came to a finish, signaling to everyone not just the resilience of the Greek people, but also testifying to the huge sacrifices made by the country over the course of the last decade.

Chile’s huge mining industry has taken flight over the past 40 years,creating thousands of skilled jobs and huge export markets and generating one of the world’s economic success stories in the process. Currently, the country’s mining industry employs close to a quarter of a million people and Chile ranks as the number one copper miner in the world.

Depending on which version of history is to be believed, the small Central American republic of Panama takes its name from a word meaning ‘an abundance of fish,’ or ‘an abundance of trees.’ Whichever version is taken, what’s clear is that Panama from the earliest times has been a country rich in natural resources

The global seed industry is hugely important for human progress. Feeding the world’s population of 7 billion depends on a number of factors, one of which is the ready availability of seeds. Despite this, the industry is notorious for its high level of concentration, driven by a few large multinational firms and characterized by consolidation between them.

The exponential growth of Zambia’s mining industry over the past 25 years is as much a testament to the world class service providers in the country, as the country’s vast mineral reserves. One such service provider is Quattro, Zambia’s most respected transport provider to the country’s burgeoning mining industry. 

In a previous article on First Quantum Minerals’ Trident Project in Zambia, we focused on the impact in terms of sustainability that it would have in the country - in terms of bringing quality employment, introducing several CSR projects, dramatically improving the regional infrastructure and all while respecting the natural environment in the area.

The Paris Climate Agreement of 2016 represented a commitment by nearly 200 countries across the world to lower their carbon emissions starting in 2020. Achieving the carbon reductions these countries committed to will be a significant challenge - either they will have to reduce their overall energy requirements or deliver the same overall levels of energy using cleaner methods.

The rise and fall of prices in precious minerals can sometimes seem abstract, and of little consequence to anyone outside of mining companies and commodities traders. However, there is thankfully, a far more tangible impact of an upswing in prices for these metals: the huge FDI that follows in regions which are rich in mineral deposits.

There aren’t many companies which make it past the 100 years mark, but when they do, it’s usually because they possess a combination of management and operational nous that few other companies do. These companies are all the more remarkable when they’ve succeeded in the face of a century of political upheaval.