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Wishing upon a starJohn Millard shares with Jenn Monroe Novant HealthÔÇÖs strategy to reach maximum energy efficiency. Three years ago Novant Health set its sights on the stars. Actually, the goal is to reach just oneÔÇöthe Energy Star rating. ÔÇ£We want to be in the top 25 percent in our industry,ÔÇØ says John Millard, director of energy and environmental affairs. ÔÇ£For our hospitals, itÔÇÖs a standard weÔÇÖre putting out there.ÔÇØ 

Refining momentExecutive vice president Jimmy Crosby tells Gary Toushek how Paramount PetroleumÔÇÖs investment in technology expanded its capabilities to produce clean car, diesel and jet fuel. Can you imagine what itÔÇÖs like operating an oil refinery in California today? How about on the coast, in the south end of Los Angeles County? You would expect strict state and EPA regulations regarding emissions.  

Growth painsSan Diego International Airport is following a master plan for growth, despite serious constraints on its future capacity, Martin Ashcroft discovers. San Diego International Airport has a unique history and some unique present day circumstances. In 1927, Charles A Lindbergh took off in The Spirit of St Louis from Dutch Flats, just north of the current airport, on the first leg of the journey that would end with his becoming the first person to fly solo across the Atlantic.  

Crystal ballSenior vice president George Read tells Gary Toushek what he sees in the future for Shore GoldÔÇÖs diamond explorations. "On the Star Diamond project we have defined our resource and can now enter a pre-feasibility study, ultimately with the definition of a reserve calculation, then we move on to bankable feasibility by the end of 2008.ÔÇØ  

Finding the sweet spotTransitioning from an old facility to a new one is not exactly a piece of cake, SVP Autumn Bayles explains to Gary Toushek. In 1914 baker Philip Baur and egg salesman Herbert Morris went into business together in Philadelphia to produce small baked goods using ingredients delivered fresh daily to their bakery. MorrisÔÇÖs wife proclaimed the products ÔÇ£tasty,ÔÇØ so the Tasty Baking Company was born, and the products bore the brand name Tastykake.

┬áA new approachGary Toushek investigates how Vancouver is planning for the healthcare needs of the elderly with its Residential Care and Assisted Living Capacity Initiative. Vancouver Island, British Columbia, is famous for its temperate climate and idyllic surroundings that attract retirees, which today means mostly empty-nesters over the age of 50. ItÔÇÖs a group that includes joggers, golfers, boaters and other active people, as well as more sedentary and slower-moving seniors: overall, a group that increasingly requires more healthcare services.

Crystal ballSenior vice president George Read tells Gary Toushek what he sees in the future for Shore GoldÔÇÖs diamond explorations. "On the Star Diamond project we have defined our resource and can now enter a pre-feasibility study, ultimately with the definition of a reserve calculation, then we move on to bankable feasibility by the end of 2008.ÔÇØ  

Care with characterColchester East Hants Health Authority CEO Peter MacKinnon shares his healthy philosophy with Jenn Monroe. When designing plans for meeting the future healthcare needs of its community, the Colchester East Hants Health Authority (CEHHA) had among its considerations not only its demographics but also its geology and its geography. 

Healthcare facility design and construction is a booming business, Allina Health SystemÔÇÖs Bill Dunham explains to Gary Toushek Allina Hospitals & Clinics is a not-for-profit regional health network headquartered in the Twin Cities and has 11 hospitals and 64 clinics (25 of them within hospitals) throughout eastern Minnesota and western Wisconsin. Bill Dunham, director of facilities design and construction, is in charge of AllinaÔÇÖs facilities planning and construction services. ÔÇ£Our group provides design and project management/ownerÔÇÖs rep services to all our facilities. We receive project requests that vary from someone needing an office to building a new hospital. I have a staff of project managers that take charge of each project, request proposals from architects and construction services, and provide guidance to ensure that we bottle and budget the project accordingly, to include medical equipment, furniture and so on. WeÔÇÖre part of Allina Real Estate, which purchases the land for new facilities.ÔÇØ An in-house project tracking system allows the department to monitor 338 currently active projects in various stages, having a total value of $305 million; about 300 projects, mostly related to clinics, are completed each year.One major project currently under way is the construction of a new 38-bed hospital in Owatonna, Minnesota, at a total cost of $51.6 million. ItÔÇÖs a replacement for the outdated Owatonna Hospital and is a collaborative effort with Owatonna Clinic. The site is located on 20 acres of land donated by the Owatonna ClinicÔÇôMayo Health System several years ago (and recently valued at $2.6 million). The Minneapolis office of the architectural firm Hammel, Green and Abrahamson is designing the project, which includes 131,000 square feet, with options for future growth and expansion. Allina Hospitals & Clinics has committed $46 million to fund construction, equipment and furnishings. The remaining costs of $3 million will help fund the five Special Project Features (largely funded through philanthropic donations) identified by the local community in 2006, which include a Reflection Center, Community Resource Center, Professional Education Center, Owatonna Commons, and enhancements to the rehabilitation area. Completion of the new Owatonna hospital is slated for mid-2009.Another major project for the facilities department is an expansion of the emergency room (ER) at United Hospital in Minneapolis/St. Paul. The $24 million project will more than double the size of the ER, from 17 rooms to 36. ItÔÇÖs long overdue, according to the numbers; in the last few years emergency patients at United have averaged close to 40,000 for a department designed to handle 22,000. The project will be funded with $12 million that the City of St. Paul will raise through a bond sale (the city council approved a $500 million medical facility bonding package in conjunction with the City of Minneapolis). Another $12 million will come through philanthropic donations. The St. Francis Regional Medical Center in Shakopee, Minnesota has a new 60,000-square-foot medical office building. The $20 million project, which is a partnership between St. Francis and Frauenshuh (a leading commercial and healthcare real estate firm in Minneapolis/St. Paul), triples the space of its previous office building and connects the new building to the Medical Center. The new building houses an expanded Allina Medical Clinic on the first floor and rehabilitation services on the second, and it provides more specialty services locally, including orthopedic, neurological, spine and pain management.Another project in the works is a 1,500-square-foot renovation of the existing surgery area and a 2,600-square-foot renovation of the old outpatient clinic space at River Falls Area Hospital in River Falls, Wisconsin. The $3.1 million project will double the size of the current surgical area, adding two more operating rooms and two endoscopy suites for diagnostic screening.ÔÇ£The biggest initiative here at facilities,ÔÇØ says Dunham, ÔÇ£is to come up with Allina Health System construction standards that allow us to build a uniform health system that provides equal aspects in this large community that weÔÇÖre serving, that each site has the same amenities and space and requirements, no matter if weÔÇÖre in a rural Minnesota town or a large metro area, and enables us to get it to market as quickly as possible to sustain our growth.ÔÇØ┬á